Word formation, 9

January 23, 2007

For questions 56-65, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0). 

Example: 0:  impossible 


The weather made their progress (0) ..impossible.. As it POSSIBLE 

had been raining (56) … all night they had to  HEAVY

be very (57) … as they walked through the  CARE 

thick jungle. Their good (58) … would help   JUDGE 

them overcome the (59) … and get back to    SET

civilisation with only minor injuries.

Although things were (60) … they had to be   BEARABLE

(61) … because it was the only way they could  OPTIMIST

help each other through this difficult situation.

Their (62) … , chosen for his knowledge, would help LEAD 

them in every way. The (63) … of this training   IMPORTANT 

was to (64) … them for the special task ahead  HARD 

of them. However, they had never imagined how (65) … DANGER 

it would turn out to be.

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Extra word, 12

January 23, 2007

For questions 41-55, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct write OK by the sentence. If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word next to the sentence. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00).


0: OK

00: had


0 We had just arrived in a village on the way to meet some friends OK 

00 who we were going hiking with when we had had a flat tyre. We got had 

41 out of the car and walked towards a shop so that we could have

42 ask if there was a someone who could change the flat tyre. The

43 shop-owner agreed that to help us by sending a boy to fetch a

44 man to look at the tyre. He explained that it would cost a lot of

45 money because the materials for doing such jobs were expensive

46 and difficult to get them. All we could do was to sit around and

47 wait for the job to be done. While we were waiting we decided to

48 spend some time playing a game of our football. However, as it was

49 the middle of summer it soon became so hot that we had to stop.

50 We sat on some chairs and ordered a cold drink and had looked

51 at the view. When the man finally he carne, we asked him to

52 finish quickly because we were in a hurry to meet our friends. Even

53 though he worked quickly it still took a few of hours for him

54 to be finish. We could only hope that our friends had not set off

55 without us. We would have to drive quickly to make it up for lost time.

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Sentence transformation, 16

January 23, 2007

For questions 31-40, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. There is an example at the beginning (0). 


0 Mr Jones needn’t go if he doesn’t want to.


Mr Jones …is not obliged to go ….if he doesn’t want to.

31 He really likes correcting her English.


He ……………………….. correcting her English.

32 It’s not necessary to take a lot of luggage when going on holiday.


You ……………………… luggage when going on holiday.

33 Perhaps he hasn’t received the doctor’s results yet.


He …………………….. the doctor’s results yet.

34 All I want you to do is to look after my dog.


All I want you to do is to ………………….. my dog.

35 She was not certain about the trip.


She …………………………….. about the trip.

36 He locked the gate so that the dog wouldn’t escape.


He locked the gate …………………….. escaping.

37 They did not like to pay extra taxes.


They ……………………………………………. extra taxes.

38 The day was so nice that we went on a picnic.


It was ………………………. that we went on a picnic.

39 The only person I didn’t see was Jane.


I …………………………………………….. Jane.

40 She decided to visit her friend and tell her the news.


She decided to ………………… her friend and tell her the news.

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Gap filling, 24

January 23, 2007

For questions 16-30, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). 

Example:   0: and


It was carnival time again. It was time for fun (0) __and__ laughter.  Although I had seen carnival processions on television, I had never taken part in (16) ….. before so I was looking forward to it.

The procession began and we went singing and dancing (17) ….. the street watched by crowds of people. Balloons flew up in the air and everyone was having (18) ….. wonderful time.

Just then I realised that my young brother, who had (19) ….. with me to the procession, was (20) ….. longer with me. I asked one of my friends to help me find him. It was a difficult thing to do because everyone was dressed up and many of them were also wearing masks over their (21) ……

Suddenly, I saw him. I could (22) ….. believe my eyes. He was sitting on the very first float right next to the ‘King of the Carnival’. He (23) ….. smiling and enjoying every minute of it.

I shouted to him (24) ….. because there was (25) …… much noise, he did not hear me at first. I kept (26) ….. shouting until he finally (27) …..me and waved. I yelled out to (28) ….. that he should wait for me at the end of the street when the (29) ….. was over. He nodded his head (30) ….. agreement and went back to waving and smiling at the crowd.

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Multiple matching, 19

January 23, 2007

For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, Cor D best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning (0). 

0    A ages       B lives   C years   D dates  


This is a place where people of all (0) __A__can come and be entertained and never want to (1) ….. . It is Disneyland, (2)…..  outside Paris, especially (3) ….. to provide the best for Europe and the (4) …… of its new guests. The park is (5) ….. into five areas, each one representing a special theme. (6) ….. in a film, the (7) ….. are taken along through a series of magical sets to relive the past, even (9) ….. visit wonderful faraway places (8) ….. of excitement and fantasy, and into the future. The trees that have been (10) ….. around the park protect the guest from the real world outside.

The resort area, beyond the park, has six hotels to suit the needs of every guest.

In (11) ….. to these six hotels there are campsites and fully equipped caravans for rental. There is no (12) ….. of sporting opportunities and, besides many health clubs in the actual hotels, there is a variety of fascinating nature trails you may (13) ….. to follow. The Disneyland Resort is easily (14) …..by road or rail. Whichever way you choose to arrive, you will be (15) ….. enough to enjoy all the wonderful things that the park

has to offer.

1 A leave    B go     C depart      D set off 

2 A nearly      B almost        C just          D recently 

3 A composed        Bcreated         C consisted       D placed 

4 A rights        B demands        C consideration       D dealings

5 A shared       B distributed          C calculated         D divided 

6 A Whereas       B Unless        C As if         D Wherever 

7 A staff           B guests            C members        D teams    

8 A full            B crowded           C complete           D packed

9 A look         B go           C run       D turn 

10 A dug       B planted        C grown       D stuck

11 A answer           B reply           C debt         D addition 

12 A supply        B shortage        C amount           D quantity

13 A expect        B hope             C wish       D order

14 A contacted       B arrived         C reached       D entered 

15 A relaxed           B unhurried        C easy       D lazy

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Reading, 41

January 22, 2007

You are going to read some information about some companies. For questions 22-34, choose from the companies (A-H). Some of the companies may be chosen  more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0). For question 35, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Which company or companies:

is proud of their research programme?   0:__F__

deals with a precious metal?   22: _____

deals with communication links?  23: _____

is partly owned by management?   24: _____

states it does not work in Europe?  25: _____

states it is concerned with the whole family?   26: _____

profit from natural resources?      27: _____    28: _____

directly exchange money?    29: _____      30: _____

mention how many people they employ?    31: _____      32: _____

make medicine?      33: _____        34: _____

35 Why would someone read this text?

A to invest in a business

B to look for a job

C to order a report

D to buy a product



Choose which of the following reports you wish to have sent to you:

TVX Gold Inc.A

TVX Gold INC. is a Canadian-based growth-oriented international mining company with 1993 gold and gold equivalent production of a record 439,000 ounces at an average cash cost of $172 per ounce from its interests in six operating gold mines located in North and South America. The strengths of TVX Gold include quality reserves, long mine life, low average cash costs and increase in production, and a new, experienced and aggressive management team.



Statoil is an integrated Norwegian oil and gas company and ranks as the leading operator on Norway’s continental shelf. Operations are also pursued in 20 other countries. The group reported a profit before taxation of NOK 12 billion in 1993 as against NOK 9.9 billion the year before. This increase was due to a high level of production, a reduction in operating costs and improved financial results.

Statoil is organised in four business areas – Exploration and Production, Natural Gas, Oil Trading and Shipping, and Refining and Marketing. From  1994 Statoil’s involvement in Petrochemicals has been transferred to Borealis, a new petrochemical company owned 50 per cent by Statoll and 50 per cent by Neste. After the hive-off of its petrochemical operations in 1994, the group has about 12,000 employees.


The Rabobank GroupC

With total assets of NLG 253.2 billion the Durch Rabobank Group ranks among the top 20 banks in Europe and the top 50 worldwide. Over the past two decades, the bank has gradually expanded its international network to cover strategic geographic areas. It comprises now 47 offices in the world’s major financial and commercial centres. The Group’s ‘central bank’, Rabobank Nederland, operates  as a wholesale house, specialising in serving major national and international corporations and in operations on the financial markets. Besides dealing room and treasury activities, the bank offers corporate financial services (including consultancy on mergers, acquisitions and participations) as well as a comprehensive package of international services through its international network.


Roberts PharmaceuticalsD

 Roberts Pharmaceuticals (NASDAZ: RPCX) is fast realising its goal of becoming a major pharmaceutical company whose diverse products contribute to the health and wellbeing of all age groups. Roberts has successfully combined an aggressive product development programme with strategic acquisitions, to create a profitable company with a well-balanced product portfolio concentrated in six major therapeutic categories.



The Telia Group offers public and private networks for telephony. data communications and mobile telephony.  Together with PTT Netherlands and Swiss PTT. Telia is a co-owner of Unisource. In 1993, the Telia Group’s revenues  totalled USD $4.5 billion. Return on capital employed was 14.5 per cent. Telia invested a total of USD 910 million.



Roche is a Swiss-based international health-care group employing 56,000 people worldwide. It is a research-driven company with a leading position in biotechnology and activities covering the entire health spectrum of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Roche has gained a high  reputation for the quality of its innovative research and the original contributions it has made to the development of new drugs. In addition to pharmaceuticals Roche is engaged in the fields of vitamins and fine chemicals, diagnostics, fragrances and flavours.



BSS is a Swiss bank with all that this applies in terms of tradition, experience, security and confidentiality. BSS is owned by the ‘Fondation de Famille Sandoz’ and by key executives of the bank. The bank focuses on asset management for private and institutional clients and offers a wide range of securities and banking services including global custody, forex and stock exchange operations.


 Saga Petroleum a.s. –  H

In 1993, Saga Petroleum had an operating profit of NOK 1694 million and a profit before taxes of NOK 1006 million. The Group’s proved and probable oil and gas reserves total 1,474 million tonnes of oil equivalent, of which 44 per cent is oil. In terms of reserves, Saga is among the largest independent upstream companies in the world. It is Saga’s intention further to strengthen its position on the Norwegian shelf, and to utilise the company’s expertise and capacity gradually to develop its international activities.

Saga’s objective is to give the company’s shareholders the highest possible return on their investment through efficient operations and strict requirements to the profitability of new products.

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Reading, 40

January 22, 2007

You are going to read a newspaper article about bats. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap (16-21). There is one extra sentence which you will not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).



By Anna Harrisson

Bats may play an essential part in horror films, but they suffer from an undeserved reputation. Just as strange is the preference of some, but not all, bat species to hang upside-down when resting.   0:__H__

Let’s start at the beginning; first things first. Our friends the bats don’t wish to get knotted up in our hair; they don’t suck blood; they don’t spread disease! Most bats are gentle and kindly, more keen on helping farmers than biting the necks of young women dressed in their nightdresses.


In pre-historic times, the cavemen noticed bats hanging like bunches of grapes, from the roofs of caves. Their first reactions were feelings of fear, which changed to respect when watching the tender care with which the mother looked after her baby bats, cleaning them and feeding them all day. 17: _____ 

The classical Greeks, who were great naturalists, were the ones to give bats their name, ‘chiroptera’. 18: _____

While we humans are meat-eating, of the more than 1,000 kinds of bats on our planet, only one, the vampire bat from the Carpathian mountains, sucks blood. 19: _____ I I Mosquitoes also suck blood and people are much less afraid of them, although they may be much more dangerous, spreading the disease malaria. The tiger mosquito in Central America spreads encephalitis.

Bats in Europe are 100 per cent insect eaters. In Greece, at the beginning of this century, there were great communities of bats living around the plains of Thessaly. 20: _____ Then they would clean up the insects, many of which were harmful to the farmers’ crops, acting like ‘flying vacuum cleaners’. Now things are changing fast, and not all for the better!

Bats have been living on our planet for about 40 million years, and they move from place to place, living sometimes in caves, forests, old buildings, and every once in a while in a church bell tower. 21: _____ 


A This means ‘hands with wings’.

B But unless we’ve been introduced and got to know someone, how can we love them – isn’t this the case with bears, wolves and street dogs?

C In the evenings and nights, they would fly over the wet ditches and the wheat fields.

D How is it that just one out of more than one thousand species can give all bats such a bad name, considering that there are many, such as fruit bats and flying-foxes, which are completely vegetarian?

E Fools are described as ‘batty’ or have ‘bats in the belfry’.

F All the ancient civilisations were sympathetic towards bats, respected them and considered them to have magic powers.

G Needless to say, we have a great responsibility towards them.

H Hopefully this is not too confusing!

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Reading, 39

January 22, 2007

You are going to read an extract from a book. For questions 8-15, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

Just after midnight the last of the lights had gone out and Boyd started the car, drove down to the coast road and turned so that the car would be facing the right way for when he left. They didn’t look as if they would be a problem but the quicker he could leave the easier it would be. He stopped the car just past the entrance to the driveway. The nylon ropes and the torch were on the passenger seat beside him. His gun was in his right-hand jacket pocket. When he got out he opened all the car doors very slightly after he had switched off the parking lights.

He walked up the road until he guessed he was opposite the house and then climbed over the low dry-stone wall. The moon was full, making the house look almost as if it were all lit up. Treading slowly and determinedly he moved down the slope towards the house, across the drive and over to the front door. It was in deep shadow and he shone the torch on the lock as he gently pushed in the key. It turned easily and when he moved the handle he felt a soft rush of cold air as the door opened. He left the door slightly open and he shone the torch around the big square hall.

The stairs made a lot of noise despite his keeping well against the wall, but nobody stirred. The bedroom facing the top of the stairs was locked, and he tried several keys in the lock. The third one unlocked it and he opened the door slowly. There was a smell of stale smoke, and he guessed it was not used as a bedroom. He shaded the torch with his hand and saw that the room was unoccupied. He found the switch, turned on the light and closed the door.

There were two long tables in the centre of the room. The kind that decorators use. They were piled with papers and books, with a space cleared for a portable typewriter. Against the far wall was a projection screen on a metal stand. A slide projector and a 16mm sound projector were on a metal stand at the side of metal shelves. There were three worn armchairs and on an otherwise empty bookshelf was a small portable radio.

8 Why did Boyd wait to park his car?

A to let the others go to bed

B to make sure his car was facing the right way

C to get the ropes and torch ready

D to let the moon go behind a cloud

9 Why did Boyd turn the car around?

A He wanted to be able to leave quickly and easily.

B He was worried that he might have problems with the car.

C He wanted to park just past the entrance to the driveway.

 D He couldn’t see well because the lights had gone out.

10 How did he feel as he got near the house?

A guilty and fearful

B disappointed and determined

C nervous and frightened

D confident and calm

11 What does ‘it’ in line 12 refer to?

A the low dry-stone wall

B the moon

C the house

D the slope

12 What does ‘treading’ in line 12 mean?

A running

B walking

C escaping

D racing

13 While going up the stairs, he thought that

A he should keep away from the wall.

B he might be heard.

C he must have lost his keys.

D he was the only one in the house.

14 What do we learn about the bedroom facing the top of the stairs?

A It had just been decorated.

B It was unlocked.

C It had been used by smokers.

D It had been used as a cinema.

15 What would be the most suitable title for this extract?

A Caught as a spy

B An ordinary burglar

C Looking for information

D Telling secrets

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Reading, 38

January 22, 2007

You are going to read an advertisement for a theatre club. Choose from the list A-I the heading which best summarises each part (1-7) of the advertisement. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

A See excellent actors and actresses

B How to join the Theatre Club

C A choice of three

D Listen to an expert

E How to book a seat

F A show for the holiday season

G For those with a sweet tooth

H Performances held in different cities

I The Sunday Times: The Theatre Club



 The Theatre Club now has 25,000 members, proving that it’s one of the fastest growing clubs in the country.


1: _____

In the new year the club will introduce a series of weekend breaks, giving members the opportunity to visit and enjoy the rich variety of theatres around the country. From the oldest Georgian playhouse to the most modern auditorium, members will get the chance to go backstage and meet the people who make theatre happen, as well as to enjoy some sightseeing.


2: _____

This week’s offers reflect the club’s wide range of activities. There’s a chance to meet one of the country’s leading producers, go on a Chocoholic Theatre Weekend, or go to a special family ballet matinee.


3: _____

Call ahead to book seats for any of these shows at the Theatre Club’s own booking service on 0171-413 1412, which is available 24 hours a day, or call the number given with each show during box-office hours.


4: _____

Send a cheque for £12.50, made payable to The Theatre Club, together with your name, address and telephone number to: The Theatre Club, PO Box 2, Owen Road, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 3HH. If you need more information, please telephone 0171-3879673.


5: _____

LONDO : English National Ballet performs The Nutcracker at the Royal Festival Hall

New Year’s Day matinee 2.30 pm.

Tchaikovsky’s magical ballet features flying cooks, a Christmas tree that grows and grows, a magic Santa’s sleigh and dolls that come to life. Members are offered a special tea party after the matinee performance. The cost is just £30 a ticket for adults and half price for children.

Telephone 0171-928 8800.


6: _____

LONDON: An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde at the Globe Theatre Tuesday, January 19

Meet the producer, Bill Kenwright, before a performance of Sir Peter Hall’s production of An Ideal Husband. Bill Kenwright is one of the five most prolific producers in the country. He currently has five shows in the West End and produces at two regional theatres. Members have the chance to learn at first hand the producer’s role in the theatre. Tickets are available to members at £26, which includes a pre-theatre buffet and top price seats for the show.

Telephone 0171-240 1690.


7: _____

BIRMINGHAM: A Chocoholic’s Theatre Weekend with The Wizard of Oz at the Repertory Theatre

January 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30

Enjoy a weekend full of chocolate and fun. Members will stay at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and will receive a bundle of chocolate sweets before relaxing in the best seats in the theatre for The Wizard of Oz. Later, a cup of hot chocolate before bed finishes off the evening, which is followed the next day by a tempting trip to Cadbury World. Tickets for the weekend cost £62.75 for adults (based on two people sharing a room), £26.75 for children under 14, and £4.50 for children under five, staying in their parents’ room (babysitters are available). The price includes bed and breakfast, theatre tickets and the trip to Cadbury World.

Telephone 0121-236 2302 for details and to book ahead.

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Word formation, 8

January 21, 2007

For questions 56 – 65, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example:  0 brightly



Can you imagine what it’s like to be swimming underneath

(0) …..coloured coral and swerve to avoid a    BRIGHT 

tropical jellyfish? Or (56) …… find yourself hurtling  SUDDEN 

towards an atom’s nucleus? The cost? (57) .  …..  APPROXIMATE

75 minutes of time plus the purchase price of a movie ticket.

(58) ….. will only carry you so far. But as more than     IMAGINE 

500 million (59) ….. will attest, the experience of a     VIEW 

big screen with 3-D imagery is wonderful. That’s the story of

IMAX. ‘It’s the closest thing to passive virtual (60) …..    REAL 

It combines information with (61) ….. IMAX mov-    ENTERTAIN 

ies are very realistic. This cinematic technique marks the real

(62) …..between what we once knew and what’s   DIFFER 

developing now. IMAX is a (63) ….. newcomer to     RELATE 

the scene. The formula has been working well, (64) ……    SPECIAL 

in the Asia Pacific region, where most of IMAX’s (65) …..    GROW

has occurred. There are 144 IMAX theatres operating in 21 countries worldwide.

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