Gap filling preparation

March 4, 2007

For questions 16 – 30, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space. Choose from the list of words before each test 

in- to- have – as- which – with – time – since – than – yourself – plenty/lots- some/many – put – what – this 

Caravanning in Wales  

The sea cliffs and sandy beaches of Wales are hard (0) ____to____ beat. Add to (16) ________wild, romantic scenery, ancient castles, modern theme parks and cheap accommodation and you’ve got a great family holiday. Of course (17) _______makes Wales so green is the rain. Even in mid-summer, you can expect a couple of wet and windy days. But don’t let that (18)__________ you off. There are (19) __________of indoor activities, so you can enjoy (20) ________whatever the weather. For (21) _________people
Wales is a caravan country. If you haven’t stayed in a caravan (22) ________you were little, it’s (23) _________you tried it again. Standards of comfort are much higher (24) ________a decade ago, with facilities such (25) _________laundries and kids’ play areas. A good example is theFontygary Holiday Park. You can stay in a spacious caravan equipped (26) __________TV, shower, separate bedrooms and fridge, (27) ____________works out to be less expensive when compared (28) ____________a guesthouse or self-catering cottage. And you won’t even need to leave the site to
(29) ______________fun. The kids can swim in the 25-metre indoor pool, or join (30) ____________ the games organized by the entertainment staff. Meanwhile you can take a sauna, go to the gym, have your hair styled, or just sit on the cliff top and enjoy the view.  


out – be/get – by – in – thanks – case – which – example/instance – of – whether/if – wrong – others/some – fact – out – longer 

Travel Insurance  

When going (0) ___on___ holiday, it is always a good idea to take (16) _________travel insurance. This is just in (17) __________something goes (18) __________ along the way. You could lose your luggage, you could (19)  _________robbed, or even become ill and need expensive medical treatment. For millions of holiday makers, travel insurance is just a precaution (20)___________  will help them have an enjoyable and worry-free holiday. But for (21) __________ , travel insurance is a way of earning money (22) __________ making false claims against insurance companies. For (23) ____________ , some people pretend that they have had expensive equipment stolen which in (24) __________ never even existed, and then claim large sums (25) _____________ compensation. Such claims cost insurance companies a total (26) _________£50 million per year. But the cheats’ luck is about to run (27) ________  . (28) ________to a new computer system, companies will be able to tell at a glance (29) ___________ someone has made a claim within the last three years. Honest travellers will no (30) ___________ have to pay through the nose for other people’s dishonesty.  


on – been – also – that – than – their – way – means/way – many/some – make – of – and – down – in – which / that


You not only laugh more (0) ___when___you are relaxed, but you (16) ________relax when you laugh, and it has (17) ________found that when you’re (18) _________ holiday it is easier to do both. But for (19) ___________ people laughter is not just a pleasure, it is a (20) __________ of fighting illness. Some hospitals have begun to bring in clowns to relieve the silent, depressing atmosphere, especially in children’s wards. This scheme is called “Medical Smile” and it helps sick children in a (21)__________  that doctors, with all (22) _____________ knowledge, can’t do. The effect of the clowns is more (23) ___________ psychological. Laughter helps strengthen the immune system- (24) _________ is, the part of our bodies (25) __________fights off disease. We take (26) _________more oxygen when we laugh, and our heartbeat slows (27) _________  . Hospital clowns are becoming more (28) ________more popular because (29) ______ the positive effect they have. They both relieve depression, which tends to (30) __________ illnesses worse, and give people the will to fight their illnesses themselves.  


fact – have – who – like – well – at – in/from – or – out – point/time – idea/prospect/thought – will/may/can/could – then – from – such 

Coping with Shyness  

Shyness is a problem that is common (0) ___to___many people. In (16) __________ , according to Mr Zimbardo, a distinguished psychologist at Stanford University, eight (17) _________ of ten people are reported to (18) _________been shy at some (19) ___________in their lives. Most people (20) __________have this condition, suffer feelings of discomfort and anxiety at the (21) ___________of meeting others, especially at social gatherings (22) ____________parties. Keeping away from such situations is not really a solution, of course, and if a shy person can manage to overcome their fears they (23) ___________ gain a feeling of self-satisfaction as (24) ___________as improving their social life. However, if the case of shyness is severe, when important occasions are missed or a person’s social, educational or professional life is affected, (25) ___________ the label “shyness” is inappropriate. (26) ___________ this stage, it is termed “social phobia”. Those suffering (27) ______________ this condition are very often bright, talented and sensitive people. But feelings of social isolation, resulting (28) _____________ loneliness, can lead to additional problems (29) _____________ as alcohol abuse or addiction to medication. Fortunately, a number of treatments are available and come in the form of individual (30) ____________ group therapy and training. Therefore, a person who has social phobia has an excellent chance of recovery.


time – some/other/many – has – when – have – take – to – more/in – up – who – to – from – amount/level(s)/proportion – in – on  

Wake Up, It’s Summer!  

The summer season makes (0) ___all/most____ of us feel good, and scientists believe that they (16) ____________ discovered the reason for this. “Bright light makes you feel more awake and helps you sleep better,” says Dr. Arendt, from the University of Surrey, (17) ___________ is studying the effect of light (18) _____________ the human body. Light travels through the eye and sends a message to the part of the brain that controls sleep and appetite. So in the summer months (19) ____________ sunlight is increased, your energy level goes (20) ____________ thus decreasing the need to eat and sleep. (21) ___________ addition, the heat from the sun also (22)__________  a calming effect as it reduces blood pressure, producing a feeling of relaxation. Sea and mountain air are also beneficial in summer as they make you breathe (23) __________ deeply, increasing the (24) _________ of oxygen in your blood. For (25) __________ people, however, there is a negative side (26) ___________summer. Those suffering (27) __________ low blood pressure may experience feelings of tiredness and anxiety at this (28) ___________ of year. Experts advise such people to (29) _________ up exercise and to add more salt (30) ___________ their diet. So, if you can, enjoy the benefits of bright light, warm days and seaside air and you’ll feel completely refreshed. ‘  


about – having – fact – from – something/a – whether – lot – for – there – while – full – more – well – most/many/all – be 

Tasty Snacks  

We (0) ____all____  love to eat between meals, (16) ________it’s a bar of chocolate after breakfast or a packet of crisps before dinner. But when we think (17) _______it, most of these “snack” foods are (18) __________of fat, salt and sugar and thus contain a (19) ________of calories. Another disadvantage is that after (20) _________consumed these foods, there is a temptation to eat (21) __________as they still leave you feeling hungry. But who says snack foods have to be bad (22) ___________you? They can, in (23)___________ , be very good for you if you just choose carefully. One of the best and healthiest snack options is dried fruit. It’s really tasty and makes a brilliant, easy-to- eat snack, as (24) __________as leaving you satisfied. (25)_____________ is also a great variety to choose (26) ________, with dried bananas, apricots, grapes and apples available at (27) ___________ supermarkets. You can enjoy dried fruit for morning and afternoon breaks, at school or at work, in the car or (28) ___________watching television. Dried fruit also makes the perfect fast food for late-night homework sessions. So next time you fancy (29) ___________sweet, try the healthy option and you’ll (30) _________ pleasantly surprised.  


who(m) – in – without – will/can – ones – sure – other – cost – well – after – no – all – when/before – all – get /help 

Dinner Parties  

Organising a dinner party can (0) ___be___ a stressful business. Firstly you have to decide (16) _______you are going to invite and make (17) _________ the guests are going to mix well. It’s (18) ________good inviting people that are either going to sit around (19) small groups and only speak to each (20) ________or people that are going to hide behind the furniture and not talk at (21) ________.  Also you have to ensure they can get to and from your home (22) _________any problems. Next is organising the food. You want to prepare a meal that is above average standard, but doesn’t (23) _________ the earth. It is also wise to ask the guests about their likes and dislikes (24) ________ you invite them, as you don’t want to serve up a meal nobody (25) _______ eat. Cooking the meal is important as (26) __________ , because you want it ready at the time you stated. Seating arrangements are important too. You don’t want (27) _________the quiet guests at one end of the table and the talkative (28) __________ at the other. Serving drinks before, during and (29) ________ the meal is always a good way to (30) _________ people to relax and chat. And remember to shut the cat in another room, as you don’t want it jumping onto the table searching for a snack! 


many – take – until – down – at – spare – has – over/during/for – other – on-  which – far/much – for – in – be   

The Golden Gate Bridge  

The Golden Gate Bridge has linked San Francisco and theMarin
Peninsula for more (0) ___than___ 50 years. However, building it was no easy task. The idea of linking the two places was not a new one but it wasn’t (16) _______1917 that the first workable design was produced. It would (17)_______twenty years to complete the bridge, and from the outset there were (18) _______difficulties: rough waters, the often foggy conditions and the danger of earthquakes all combined to make constructing this bridge a (19) _______trickier business than building New York’s
George Washington Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge, (20) _______was then the largest in the world, was finished (21) _______ May 27th, 1937. Californians flocked to their new showpiece and walked from one end to the (22)__________ . The next day it was opened to cars. (23) _______  the past 58 years it (24) __________ been part of daily life for millions of commuters. Of course, its paintwork must (25) __________ kept (26) _______good condition. A 28-man team is responsible for this. If you thought Michelangelo needed a good head (27) ________ heights to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling, just (28) _________ a thought for these men. The bridge stands (29) __________4,200 feet. The trick, agree the painters, is never to look (30)_______ . Rather them than us!  


there – so – into – supposed/thought/said/ – along – the – in – was – where – of – will/can – plenty/lots – many – middle/heart /depth – by


With (0) ___its___warm sunshine, sparkling seas and serene landscapes, Cyprus offers (16) _______of reasons to escape the grey winter days. Cyprus has so (17) ________attractions as a holiday island. The sun shines most days of the year and even in the (18) _______of winter the days are warm and inviting. The shoreline of rough cliffs, sandy beaches and old harbours is washed (19) ______the Mediterranean. Inland, you (20) _______discover another world of ancient mountains and green valleys with neat fields, orange and lemon groves, vineyards and old villages built out (21) ________stone Legend has it that Cyprus was the place (22) _________the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, (23) ________born. The exact spot is (24) ________to be the Rocks of Romiou, a beautiful beach just (25) the coast from the old port and town of Paphos. This is (26) _______largest town in Cyprus and is located (27) ________the south western part of the island. Paphos has developed (28)_________a thriving modern city and is a large tourist resort, but even (29) _________, it has managed to preserve its ancient past. The old harbour is still the central part of the town with tavernas lining the waterside. (30) ________are also excellent bars, clubs and restaurants in the modern part of town where visitors can enjoy traditional food and entertainment. 


been – than – fit – for – but – could – turned – value – whose – aim – being – which – example/instance – terms – allow 

Power Dressing  

Fashion designers have finally realised that working women are (0) ___their____main customers. Well-made clothes for the office rather (16) ________high glamour are now top priority. This season’s designs show that the working woman has (17) ________ very important to a wide range of fashion designers, with garments being made to (18) _________ not only the body (19) _________ the lifestyle as well. (20) _________ years, plain-coloured basic suits were the only thing business women (21) ________ wear, but today’s woman isn’t happy wearing what is no more than a version of a man’s business suit. She wants her clothes to be elegant, modern and dynamic – and good (22) __________ for money. While few big names in fashion have (23) ___________ their attention to the office, a new group of designers is emerging, (24) _________main goal is to dress city women in style. Collections are (25) __________ designed with the (26) ___________  of providing easy, comfortable, all-purpose clothes (27) __________will free women from thinking only in (28) ________of the usual blouse, jacket and skirt. For (29) ___________, a long black fitted jacket worn over a simple but beautifully cut dress would (30) ________ a woman to go from the office to a cocktail party with elegant ease.  


comes – keep/stay – shown – against/from – who – but – fewer – as – been – much – in – take – up – due – such/this  

Keeping Warm In Winter  

Do you feel the cold? If the answer is “yes”, then (0) ___why____not try a cold bath or shower? This unusual advice (16) ________from a natural health therapist in Germany (17) ________, for the last 30 years, has (18) ________studying the effects of cold water. Most people are brought (19) ________to believe that it’s important to (20) __________warm during the cold weather, with extra clothing and heaters, (21) _________ research shows that the opposite is true. At a German health centre, hundreds of visitors follow this advice by taking their first cold bath at 6 am, and come out feeling (22) _________ more relaxed. This is (23) __________ to the fact that the cold water increases blood sugar levels, the heart beat and breathing rate. New research at the medical centre of Hanover has (24) __________ that those taking daily cold baths have 50% (25) __________ colds and breathing problems than those who don’t. Studies (26) ________
London have also proven that (27) __________ treatment will help protect (28) ___________ heart attacks. For those people who find the idea of such behaviour unthinkable, then regular exercise such (29) ___________ running or cycling is a good alternative. So, next time you’re suffering from the cold, don’t sit and complain, (30) __________ action!


been – from/using – than – our – them/one – has – enough – being/also – less – so – order – in/with – which/that – can – from  

Fatal Frogs  

Across South America one can find a variety of frog unlike (0) ___those/any____found in Europe. Apart (16) _______being different colours, such as yellow and blue, these frogs are poisonous. Some of them are (17) ________ poisonous that even touching (18) _______ can be fatal. The Embera Choco people of Colombia have (19) ________ using toxins from frogs for many years in (20) ________ to hunt. However, since the arrival of other types of weapons in the rainforest, the .art of making dart guns (21) __________ started to disappear. However, it is still possible to find craftsmen making dart guns (22) _________ the trunks of palm trees. The actual dart is covered (23) __________ poison from the frog’s skin. The poison will remain strong (24) ______ to kill animals for more (25) a year. About 55 of the 135 species of South American frogs are toxic. The frogs are brightly coloured to warn predators not to touch them. Some species of frogs produce toxins (26) _________may be useful for mankind as painkillers. A number of species are (27) ________bred by researchers in the States to investigate the possibility of using toxins for (28) ________benefit. By licking the frog’s skin scientists (29) _______judge the level of toxins. There is no danger of being poisoned, though, as frogs in captivity gradually become (30) _______poisonous.  


any/all/most – look/seem/be/appear – such – like – have – other – be – because – as – with – kind/type – on – their – have – number


We are frequently told these days that we should eat more vegetables (0) ___as____part of a healthy diet. However, a large (16) _______of people are still not taking this advice. One of the reasons could be that they (17) ________ bad memories of the few vegetables they were forced to eat by (18) ________parents when they were children. (19) ________ the other hand, potatoes are one (20) ________ of vegetable which we are familiar (21) _______ although we do not perhaps think of them (22) ________ healthy food to eat. Of course, chips are not very good for us (23) _______ of their high fat content, but potatoes can (24) _______ cooked in many other interesting ways which do not harm our health. (25) ________ vegetables which we will almost certainly (26) _________ eaten are carrots, turnips and parsnips. Carrots can be eaten raw, while parsnips can be prepared (27) ________ potatoes, and baby turnips are crisp and as sweet as apples when cooked. Alternatively, there are many different vegetables in the shops, (28) _________as celeriac, kohlrabi and salsify. These may (29) _______ strange to us at the moment, but they are as easy to cook as (30) _________ of the other vegetables mentioned and make a delicious change.  


few – also – fit – along/on – on – are – pay – other – harm/damage – when/if – by – well – otherwise/or – let – that 

Mountain Biking  

Mountain biking is becoming an increasingly popular sport, as people become (0) ____more________ interested in keeping (16) ________and doing activities which take them out of their homes. It is not only a pleasurable way of improving your fitness, but (17) _________one of the most rewarding ways to explore the countryside. However, it is important to follow a (18) _________simple rules, other- wise you could (19) ___________the environment and spoil (20) ___________people’s enjoyment. Cyclists can use any road but they must (21) __________attention to the type of path they are on. Some paths (22) __________only designed for people who are (23) __________foot, so if you are cycling (24) __________ these, you could cause inconvenience to walkers as (25) _________ as ending up being taken to court (26) ___________ the owner of the land you are on. On any other path, you should still respect walkers and be careful (27) _________you are passing horse riders. Other things which you are asked to do are to close gates behind you, so (28) ___________farm animals cannot escape, and to take your rubbish home with you. Always (29) _________someone know where you are going and carry the right equipment and clothing for unexpected conditions, (30) _________you could be creating unnecessary problems for yourself.  


who – to – over/around – as – of – enough – worth – lots/plenty – worth – in – place – of – so – all – other/popular 

The Isle of Wight  

The Isle of Wight is a small island just (0) ___off____the south coast of England near the towns of Portsmouth and Southampton. Queen
Victoria loved the island (16) _______ much that she had Osborne House built, which has not changed at (17) _______ since the days when she used to visit with her huge family. (18) ________ tourist attractions include Butterfly World, where, (19) _________ the name suggests, visitors can see a large range __________ (20) butterflies, and two zoos. In summer it is usually warm and sunny (21) _________ for holidaymakers to enjoy the miles of clean beaches.
Alternatively, for those (22) __________ want to be out of doors but don’t like sunbathing, the Isle of Wight is an excellent place for cyclists. There are numerous little paths which lead (23) ________picturesque villages all (24) _______the island.
Newport, the island’s capital, is also (25) _________a visit. It is a busy little town with (26) _______of small specialist shops. (27)________ the beginning of August, there is the most famous yachting week (28) _________the world, which takes (29) _______at
Cowes. During that week Cowes is full (30) _______carnival atmosphere and every bar and restaurant is packed.


of/like – of – for – much – its – before – which – so/this – able – well – one – however – when/if – between – most 

The Brain  

Contrary to popular belief, it is not true (0) ___that___we use only 10 percent of our brain power; it is (16) ______of the myths of modern times. The brain controls all of our bodily functions as (17)  _______ as carrying out the most complicated processes (18) _________ thought and imagination.   There must (19) __________ , be some spare capacity built into the system because brain cells – unlike most of the body’s other cells – are not (20) _________ to divide and therefore are incapable (21) __________ replacing themselves (22) __________ they die. It is possible to increase the abilities of our brain. We do _________(23) when we learn to read, (24) ________ example. Current research shows that the learning process creates new connections (25) __________brain cells (26) ________ increases our mental powers. But scientists are unable to say exactly how (27) ________ of our brains we don’t use. Despite a lot of research, the brain is still the (28) _________ mysterious organ in the body and it will be many years (29) ________ enough information can be gathered to explain all (30) _________ functions.  


under – makes – are – which – making – few – your – time/care – some/this – in – causes – much – down – after/within – of 

Beating Stress  

Do you grab quick snacks (0) __at__work, eat late at night and drink too (16) ________ tea and coffee? If so, you’re probably (17) ________ stress, and your eating habits are (18) _______ the problem worse. The effects of stress can be beaten by following (19) _________ simple advice. First, cut (20) _________ on coffee, tea and cola drinks. They all contain caffeine, which (21) _________ you feel better for a (22) ________ minutes, but which also destroys the vitamins (23) _________ our bodies. Try not to eat sweets, biscuits and cakes. A quick burst of sugar suddenly increases blood-sugar levels; however, (24) _______ 2 or 3 minutes, you (25) ________ left feeling tired and irritable. Don’t drink alcohol to forget (26) ________ worries. In the long term, alcohol (27) _________ depression. Eat plenty (28) _________ citrus fruit and green vegetables as they contain Vitamin C. Red meat and seafood contain iron, (29) __________ helps fight nervous tiredness. Remember to eat a good breakfast to start the day well. Take (30) ___________ to eat properly and try to avoid eating late at night. Avoid junk food. Fresh is best!      


Word formation, 10

January 23, 2007

For questions 56 – 65, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example:  0: independence


If Athens is all Greek to you, try visiting in November.

It’s festival time!

Lord Byron, champion of Greek (O) independence, could hardly DEPEND

have imagined it. Today, years after his (56) ….. , 2 mil- DIE

lion of his compatriots, although less (57) ….. , make HERO

the annual (58) ….. to Greece for the ‘Britain and Greece PILGRIM


The (59) ….. Ambassador speaks of the festival as a BRITAIN

(60) ….. of the strong links between the two countries, CELEBRATE

but also as ‘an (61) ….. to those who wish to create INSPIRE

new links,’ a (62) ….. that 2004 and the Athens Olym- REMIND

pies are not too far away. Everything about the festival highlights

the theme of (63) …..  . The commercial exhibition ‘Part- PARTNER

ners in Trade’ will focus on (64)…… goods and ser- INDUSTRY

vices, design, travel and software (65) ….. including DEVELOP 

opportunities for ‘Olympics 2004’.

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Extra word, 13

January 23, 2007

For questions 41 – 55, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct, write OK by the sentence . If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word next to it. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00).

0: ..out ..

00: OK 



o He has sold out 20 million records. His last album outsold U2  out

00 and he has sung duets with Tina Turner. But the English speaking OK

41 world doesn’t seem to be much aware of Eros Ramazzotti.

42 The lovingly named Eros, a former footballer whose tours

43 sellout in stadiums across Europe, he has come up

44 against a small problem with his native mother tongue.

45 The Italian may be the language of love, but apparently

46 it has a bigger appeal in the opera house than in the record store has.

47 Eros, though, is determined not to go down the same way as Julio Inglesias,

48 lisping his way sweetly around vowels and consonants not designed

49 for his southern European lips. He will still continue to sing in Italian.

50 Eros is fully booked to play London’s Wembley Arena on 11 November.

51 He can be certain that there will be there at least some

52 members in the crowd able to sing along to all the chorus.

53 London based footballers Roberto di Matteo and Gianluca Vialli

54 are big fans. Who knows that, maybe some of Eros’s lyrics, which his fans

55 claim are worthy of a poet, will find themselves their way onto the terraces.

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Sentence transformation, 17

January 23, 2007

For questions 31 – 40, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. There is an example at the beginning (0).


0 They published this book in England.


This book …..came from…. England.

31.- Can you understand what this paper means?


Can you ……………………………  this paper?

32.- It wasn’t necessary to meet me at the airport yesterday.


You ……………………… me at the airport yesterday.

33.-It was unkind of you to talk to her like that.


You ……………………………… to her like that.

34.-I saw the film although I strongly dislike thrillers.


I saw the film in …………………… of thrillers.

35.-It’s not possible to play tennis because of the rain.


The rain ……………………………….  to play tennis.

36.-I’ve never tasted such good food before.


It is the ………………….. tasted.

37.-Do your parents allow you to watch TV late at night?


Do your parents ……………………. TV late at night?

38.-“Did you write a note for Anna?” I asked my mother.


I asked my mother ………………………. a note for Anna.

39.-He gave me the money first, and then he left.


He left …………………………………….. the money.

40.-I don’t find it difficult to get up early any more.


I ………………………………………. up early.

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Gap filling, 24

January 23, 2007

For questions 16-30, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example: 0: do



Be prepared: you may have to go to the ends of the World (Wide Web) to achieve it.

All Iwanted to (O) .. was to get an Internet domain name of my (16) ….. – the part of an e-mail address to the right of the ‘@’  and the part of the World Wide Web address that typically follows www. The (17) ….. is that Lewis is a (18) ….. common name and (19) ….. already taken.

So, (20) …..millions of Internet users before me, I (21) ….. looking elsewhere (22) …… a domain I could call home – the Internet equivalent of 40 acres, where I (23) ….. grow electronic mail, raise a small herd of web pages and maybe someday open a little electronic collage industry of my own.

It (24) ….. to be technically difficult for average computer users to get (25) ….. own personal Internet domain names. (26) ….. if you could figure out (27) ….. to do it, registering a domain name was free and good names were plentiful.

No (28) …..!  The Internet is now the world’s fastest growing economy, and the commercialisation of the Internet (29) ….. created a frenzy for domain names. An Internet domain name is (30) ….. just an equivalent of a telephone number and mailing address but also a status symbol.

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Multiple matching, 20

January 23, 2007

For questions 1 -15, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each space, There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example:           0   A While   B  During   C  As   D  Whereas



(0)___A___playing golf in the British Isles not (1) ….. ago, I came (2) ….. a funny sign posted on a seaside golf (3)….. . ‘Gentlemen, please play quickly!’ the sign implored, Three hours is too long for a (4) ……  of golf! Imagine such a claim in America, (5) ….. of the six-hour death matches.

Slow play is strangling our beloved game, What (6) ….. to be an afternoon’s getaway has evolved into an entire day’s (7) ….., and most people can’t (8) …..  to spend a whole day playing golf.

I know more than a few people who have (9) ….. , the game out of frustration: golf, they concluded, just takes too long,

It (10) ….. cheer you up to know that when Jay Larson plays golf he doesn’t take anything like six hours to do it.

In fact, in his last officially (11) ….. round he shot 72 and it took him exactly 39 minutes, 55 seconds. He just plays golf really, really fast.

Larson is (12) ….. N° 1 in the world in Speed Golf. (13) …. known as ‘Extreme Golf’, Speed Golf, like the Olympic Biathlon, is a combination of two pure sports: (14) ….. running and golf. Players (15) ….. in time trials like this: you hit your ball, you run to it, you hit it again, When you’ve completed 18 holes, you’re done.

1   A far      B   long       C   much   D   while  
2   A into    B   across   C   along    D   up  
3   A pitch   B   court    C   field     D   course  
4   A tournament   B play   C   round   D   set  
5   A home   B   house   C   country   D   place  
6   A accustomed   B   should   C   used   D   had  
7   A arrangement   B   commitment   C   pertormance   D   discipline  
8   A afford   B   manage   C   take   D   provide  
9   A gone   B   given   C   jilted   D   quit  
10   A must   B   might   C   ought   D   needs  
11   A counted   B   measured   C   timed   D   dated  
12   A ranked   B   placed   C   ordered   D   positioned  
13   A Pastly   B   Lastly   C   Earlier   D   Formerly  
14   A length   B   distance   C   stamina   D   far  
15   A compete   B   contest   C   struggle   D   race  

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January 23, 2007

You are going to read some information about Star Signs. For questions 22 – 35, choose from the list of Star Signs A – G. Some of the Star Signs may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

People of which si9n(s):

will win a competition?   0:_A_

will receive an invitation?  22: _____

will meet new people?  23: _____

may travel?    24: _____      25: _____

are making plans for college?   26:____     25: ____    26: ____

may change house?     29: _____

are advised to be sincere?   30: _____

will have to look after younger brothers or sisters?  31: _____ 

may run short of money?  32: ____     33: ____

will reorganise their place?    34: ____

are advised not to hurry in love matters?   35: ____


Star Signs


Expect more than one heart-to-heart with dad or a teacher about school plans. New neighbours arrive and you think that it’s cool that they have the same interests as you do. If you are involved in sports, make room on the trophy shelf; victory is yours for the asking. You’ll have many late-night phone conversations with a friend about straightening out the world.

B TAURUS  Letters of loan approvals, scholarships and grants for college are in the mail. Don’t panic if you overhear your folks talk about moving. They won’t get the house on the market till spring. Towards the end of the month that gorgeous guy you met last summer will touch base with you. By the 25th, a friend will confide in you about a relationship that’s on the rocks.


If you are in your last year of high school, you will spend all your free time hunting for a college. Check with your local libraries for available scholarships. If you are not ready for college yet, focus on college-prep classes. With Saturn in Aries, you and your friends will be accepted into the same programmes. Mum may be busy this month, so you’ll have to help take care of the siblings.


Romance is on the upswing, but don’t microwave the affair; let love simmer. With Neptune in Capricorn, your ideals will be very important when Romeo comes along. Unexpected expenses leave your wallet light, and you may have to borrow from a friend. Communication is very important to you, so waiting for news may be frustrating.


Check your wardrobe for a great outfit. You’ll probably be invited to a concert or a play by someone special. Money may be a little tight after the holidays. Your wallet may seem like a revolving door. Saturn in Aries will inspire you to volunteer for a trip connected to school or work. You will finally hear from the college of your choice this month:hooray! A last minute maths quiz will take you by surprise. Offer to tutor someone struggling with the subject.


You will have time to spare at work, so take your homework along. Review your paycheque; there could be an error in your favour. Someone a bit younger than you will express his affection. Let him down gently. Love is in the air, but honesty is the best policy. Tell him that you are interested but want a monogamous relationship. The sun in Capricorn has you rearranging your bedroom furniture. While you’re at it, why not paint something artistic on the walls?


Friends will want to hang out at your house and study with you. There will be a flurry of last-minute get-togethers this month. Is one a surprise party for your mum? The changes you make at the beginning of the month will bring results by the 23rd. Look under the bed for that lost treasure. With Jupiter and Mars in Aquarius, plan on an unexpected trip with friends. You’ll have a blastl .

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January 23, 2007

You are going to read an article about a female boxer. Seven sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A – H the one which fits each gap 16 – 21. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

A Millions saw Tyson, but now the main event was over, the cameras were switched off and the crowd was going home.

B For the second time that night, Christy is left with only a handful of people to impress.

C As she prowls the ring, arms held high and punching the air, Christy Martin looks like a woman on top of the world.

D Women’s boxing has never been taken very seriously by the almost exclusively male boxing crowd.

E Christy might worry about her teeth getting knocked out.

F Since signing with him two years ago, Christy’s left blows are now worth thousands of dollars.

G “Look,” she says, examining it closely, “I did break my nail.”

H “It does hurt my feelings that I work so hard and I don’t get mentioned,” she says.


The female Tyson

The crowd was jubilant. Mike Tyson had just beaten Buster Mathis Junior in the third round in a cavernous stadium in Philadelphia, as everyone suspected he would. Fox Television had transmitted the fight coast to coast. 0: _A_  This was a pity. They missed the only surprise of the evening.

Dressed in her baby-pink robe, with her greased face and hungry look, Christy Martin pounces into the ring later than scheduled. The straying crowd heading for the exit lingers. Within 144 seconds Christy has floored her opponent. A seasoned ringside photographer shakes his head and says, “She’s something else, isn’t she?” 16: _____ 

Back in the dressing room, she brushes her long hair and worries about her injury of the night. 17: _____ 

Christy is 27 and has been fighting for just five years, yet some consider her to be the Tyson of women’s boxing. And, like Tyson, she’s signed to the prince of all promoters, Don King – the most powerful man in a multi-million dollar sport. 18: _____  I “I’ve gone from fighting $25-a-round club shows to fighting in the best and biggest rings in the boxing world. We spoke to all the promoters, but none of them was interested in having a woman fighter. Now I’m glad because we were available when Don King had time to talk to us. King gives people opportunities and I’m glad he gave me a chance.”

At the press conference after the fight, Christy waits respectfully as Mike Tyson talks to the press. But as soon as he’s finished, they are off. 19: _____  From the stage Don King booms, “Where are you all going? What’s the matter with you guys – are you discriminating?”

Like any professional woman struggling to make it in male territory, Christy gets overlooked. 20: _____ “The other day, Don King was raving about me at a press conference, saying it was the fight of the night. He even gave me a bonus for it. But the next day, there was not one line in the papers to say I’d fought. Journalists are afraid to write about it, but as soon as one of them says, ‘Yes, we rate Christy Martin’, then the rest follow suit.’ Almost on cue, a radio boxing commentator interrupts to congratulate her on the fight.

21: _____ Until Christy came on the scene and Don King got involved, it was dismissed as ‘two women slapping each other about’. But in the cut-andthrust world of boxing, the only thing that counts is a fighter’s ability, and Christy has earned her respect. Mention her name in the after-fight bar and everyone agrees. “I used to say I didn’t want any women fighting in my ring, full stop,” says match-maker Bobby Mitchell, “but I’ll never say it again. Christy Martin shuts mouths and opens eyes.”

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January 23, 2007

remote-control.gifYou are going to read some information about the remote control. For questions 8 – 15, choose the answer A, B, C or D which you think fits best according to the text.


Oh sure, it’s easy being a couch potato now. Wondrous advances in technology, .particularly during the 1990s, have made it easy and fun to ‘surf’ the television channels from the comfort of your armchair. Remote controls offer everything from picture-within-a-picture technology, to on-screen programming that doesn’t even require you to look at the remote control.

As we rush towards ever greater technological advances, let us not forget the difficulties experienced by the millions who have come before us. For years they struggled with remote controls that changed channels or muted the volume unpredictably. Though proclaimed as technological marvels in their day, today those devices look extremely funny.

So come with us as we flash back to the 1950s. The decade may have been the Golden Age of television, but in the evolution of the remote control, it was the Stone Age.

The most primitive of the remotes was developed in 1950 by Zenith Electronics which decades later would win an Emmy for its pioneering work in remotecontrol technology. Zenith’s first creative idea was the clever ‘Lazy Bones’, a control with a cable that connected the television to the device. Just by pushing buttons on the remote, viewers could turn the television on and off and change channels.

‘Prest-o! Chanqe-o!’ cried a magazine ad introducing the product. ‘Just press a button … to change a station!’ The problem? ‘Trip-o! Fall-o!’ Customers complained that the cable, besides being unsightly as it snaked across the living room floor, tripped many an unsuspecting passerby.

In 1955 Zenith came up with a wireless remote. Zenith engineers invented the Flashmatic, which worked by firing a beam of light. First-generation couch potatoes accepted the new technology eagerly, but there was a glaring problem. It reacted to any kind of light, channels changed unpredictably and the sound mysteriously came and went. “So if the sun set glaringly and came through the living room window, it would hit the set and cause problems,” says Zenith engineer Robert Adler. Also, viewers who weren’t as technologically aware as they are today, had trouble remembering which button controlled which function.

It was Adler, an Austrian born immigrant, who fathered the remote-control that would dominate the industry for the next quarter of a century. Ironic when you consider that Adler, by his own admission, to this day watches no more than an hour of television a week.

In 1955 Adler came up with the concept of a remote based on ultrasonics – that is, high-frequency sound beyond the range of human hearing. Adler’s invention which Zenith introduced in 1956 and named the Space Commander 400, would react to any number of metallic noises similar to those produced by the transmitter. For example, the family dog could change channels just by furiously scratching its back legs, thereby causing its dog tags to jingle. A ringing telephone or jingling keys would have the same effect.

Today, in the Golden Age of the remote control, some 99 percent of TV sets and all video cassette recorders sold in the United States come with remote controls. So do many other electronic components, such as compact disc players, and satellite dishes. ‘Universal’ remotes, which have been around since the mid-’80s, allow you to operate several products – say, for example, the TV, the VCR and CD player – with just one transmitter rather than three separate units. Even common household functions – switchinq on a light or turning off a ceiling fan – can be performed today by remote control. In an industry that is continuously introducing amazing new gadgetry, who knows where couch-potato technology will go from here?

8 Why is it easy to be a ‘couch potato’ nowadays?

A potato chips have been invented

B advances in technology have made it possible 

C armchairs nowadays are very comfortable

D the climate is perfect for growing vegetables

9 What is the second paragraph about?

A the technological developments in remote controls

B the money spent on technology

C the problems of early remote controls

D the marvels of early remote control technology

10 What was the main problem with ‘Lazy Bones’?

A The cable tripped many people.

B The cable was too long.

C The control was difficult to use.

D The control was too slow.

11 What was the main problem of the ‘Flashmatic’?

A The channels changed even with other kinds of light.

B It had a mysterious use.

C Some sets did not react to its beams.

D It broke loose easily.

12 What was another problem with it?

A It was bad for someone’s memory.

B It wasn’t technologically advanced.

C It was technically complex for the time.

D It didn’t have enough functions.

13 What does ‘it‘ in line 33 refer to?

A the living room window

B the sun

C the remote control

D the beam fired by the Flashmatic

14 What was the problem with the remote based on ultrasonics?

A It reacted to other noises, too.

B Even the family dog could use it.

C You could not hear other sounds like the phone ringing.

D It made too much noise.

15 What does the writer call ‘universal’ remotes?

A The kind used allover the world.

B The kind used for common household functions. 

C The kind which are very expensive.

D The kind used to operate several appliances.

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January 23, 2007

You are going to read a newspaper article on the latest developments concerning working women and their maternity rights. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A – I for each part 1 – 7 of the article. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. There is an example at the beginning (0).

  A shameful comparison  
B   Complexity and inefficiency  
C   The case at the moment  
D   Rights for both  
E   No protection  
F   An unsuccessful attempt  
G   A paradise for working mothers  
H   A future promise   
 I   It’s for women only  


The High Price of Eurobabies

0: ____B___

Nothing in the law of a country is simple. But it is a disgrace that British law, on something so important as maternity leave for working women, should be as complicated as it unfortunately is. And if that was not bad enough, women in the UK have the worst maternity pay rights in Europe.


Before 1975, motherhood in the UK had a high cost. Until that year, there were no legal rights for pregnant working women. A mother had absolutely no legal rights if having her baby meant she lost her job.

2: _____

Today’s law gives a minimum measure of protection to most working women, but it has been a slow process with several later Acts complicating the first two. Nowadays, women’s employment contracts in Britain, especially at senior and middle-management level, often include generous maternity rights. But the reality for most women is still the bare legal minimum, and in the UK that minimum really is bare.

3 : _____

Women in the UK are entitled to a minimum of six weeks maternity leave on 90 per cent of their salary and eight weeks thereafter on £57.70. That is very little when compared to the other 14 member states of the European Union. Every EU member state has improved on the Pregnancy Directive’s minimum 14-week entitlement except Britain, where it is the only maternity leave insisted on by law. Even countries outside the EU have a higher minimum standard for their women workers and executives than in Britain, as for instance Belarus, Norway and the Ukraine which offer 18 weeks on 100 per cent salary.

4: _____ 

Mothers get a raw deal in the UK, but fathers hardly get a deal at all. Some of the big corporations are starting to take fathers seriously but they are few and far between. Some businesses may allow a man a few days off when his wife or partner has a baby, but for many fathers there is no legal entitlement in their terms of employment. Research has shown that only 31 per cent of workplaces employing men allow their employees paid paternity leave. The general attitude is that childbirth is something to be left to a woman to get through on her own, even when she is not a single parent !

5: _____

Since 1982 the EOC has been calling, without success, for a modest five day paternity leave for new fathers. In 1993 when the Labour MP Greville Janner introduced a Private Member’s Bill to give spouses or partners of pregnant women the right to a maximum three months’ unpaid leave, John Major’s government blocked it.

6: _____ 

However, the tide now seems to be turning. Early in April of this year, it was leaked to the press that Tony Blair’s Government was proposing to give working fathers one week’s paid paternity leave, though at the low level of £57.20. The Minister was quoted as saying “We want to send a message to women that men should be by their side when they give birth.” Nothing came of that suggested move and the Government has since issued a White Paper ‘Fairness at Work’ in which it promises to implement an EU directive on the whole subject of Parental Leave by the end of next year.

7: _____ 

So, again, Britain is behind its European partners. Most of Europe already has that message. In fact, many countries have gone beyond the concept of mere paternity leave for the father and have developed the idea of parental leave for whichever parent wants it. For instance, in Belgium there is three to 12 months’ paid leave for up to a total of three years during anyone person’s working life, although this does not apply to senior managers. In France and Germany, parental leave is available until a child is three and may be taken by either parent or shared but, in France, it is only paid leave for the first child. On the other hand, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal and Spain all offer generous shared leave but only on an unpaid basis.

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